Injinia Global Pvt Ltd (IGPL) was formed by a group of engineering and construction professionals with electrical, civil, structural engineering, and construction expertise in Sri Lanka and abroad. The company specializes in power and energy infrastructure and renewable (solar and wind) EPC services. IGPL has registered professional engineers of various jurisdictions with the ability to get licenses working with our design partners.

On the solar PV front, IGPL has designed and installed residential and commercial PV systems in Sri Lanka. This includes solar PV systems installed at Yughadanavi power plant premises for West Coast Pvt Ltd. IGPL is registered with Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority for solar PV net metering installations


  • System design and project execution carried out by qualified professional engineers and technical personnel

  • A team that values quality service and customer satisfaction over short term financial gains

  • Engineering and technical staff with over 100 years of combined engineering and operation experience in solar, wind, and thermal power generation in Sri Lanka and abroad

  • We will ensure that things are done right the right way!


  • A safe, reliable, and optimal design requires a thorough understanding of the solar PV intricacies to develop the right solution

  • We have the right skills/tools and years of lessons learned from thousands of solar PV designs and installations worldwide to do just that

  • We know what to do, more importantly what NOT to do!


  • There are a number of PV equipment supplier around the world and only a few have the right technology and credibility to back the performance claims and warranties

  • You sure will see PV systems offered at cheaper prices but unfortunately with cheap equipment and quality

  • Basically, we will not put anything on your roof that we ourselves wouldn’t on our own roofs


  • Optimized design to maximize the return on investment

  • Design compliant with the latest best practices and international safety codes

  • Optimal panel layout and orientation to minimize shading

  • Site specific 3D modeling and PV production simulations using the latest PV design software tools

  • Detailed financial analyses using site specific conditions and tariff to recommend a PV solution right for you